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PME Level Baking Belts: 32" x 3"

by pme
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Getting an even distribution of heat through your baking tin has now been made an absolute breeze with the Level Baking Belt by PME, superb for ensuring your cake rises evenly all the way around.Previously it has been incredible difficult to ensure your cake is baked through evenly and even in some extreme cases the edges may have turned out burnt whilst the middle was not even cooked.The Level Baking Belt from PME will remedy this problem and give you a level, even finish every time without the use of heating coresWhether you are an expert or a complete novice, the belt is easy to use and will save you time and is one less thing to worry about going wrong when you bake.The baking belt measures 32” x 3” and can go around either an 3”-8" round baking tin or a 3”-6" square baking tin.Unlike heating cores or bake even strips, the Level Baking Belt is extremely reliable so you rest assured that your cake will come out of the oven, delicious, moist and even.