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PME Craft Brush Set 5pk

by pme
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This set of 5 quality brushes cover a wide range of decorating tasks. ranging from small to large and round to flat they are suitable for a range of purposes from painting and fine detail to applying edible glue. The nylon brush heads are incredibly strong and durable and the clear plastic handles feature rubber strips for better control and ease of use.

Product features

Dimensions 155mm - 175mm (L)

Material plastic handles with fitted rubber grips

A classic set of round and flat brushes essential for cake decoration.

The nylon brush heads are strong and durable3 round brushes. Fine - for painting and adding fine detail. Small -ideal when using edible glue. Medium - great for strong brush strokes.2 flat brushes. Small - ideal for edges and producing lines. Large - for dusting and adding powdered colours to sugar flowers