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Crazy Crinkle Cookies

Crazy Crinkle Cookies



(Makes 10)


100g Dark Chocolate (55% melted) Callebaut

30g Salted butter (melted)

1 large egg

55g Dark brown sugar

45g Plain flour

¼ Teaspoon Baking powder

¼ Teaspoon Bread soda

½ Teaspoon vanilla extract

100g Dark chocolate (55% chopped)


  • Pre-heat your oven to 180C and line your cookie tray with parchment paper.
  • Whisk your egg and your brown sugar until light and fluffy, takes about 3-4 minutes in a mixer.
  • While you’re waiting, melt your chocolate and butter. I like to melt my chocolate first in the microwave for about 2 minutes in one minute intervals and leave rest.
  • Do the same with the butter but with one 40 second burst, just enough to melt and then combine the two.
  • Pour your melted butter in on top of your melted chocolate, combine until mixed thoroughly.
  • At this stage your egg and sugar mix should have changed colour to a light coffee colour and whipped to a soft mouse like batter.
  • Pour your melted chocolate and butter mixture into the egg mixture and continue whisking on slow speed until blended.
  • Combine all your dry ingredients and then sprinkle in on top of your egg and sugar mix.
  • Using a spatula you can scrape down the bowl and add your chocolate chips and stir in.
  • Leave your cookie mixture now in the fridge to chill and do it’s “thing” for at least 20-30 minutes.
  • Using a cookie scoop, scoop out some cookie dough and dollop on to your tray.
  • You should have four or five cookies per tray well-spaced out as they spread when baking.
  • Do not flatten the cookies once out of the scoop as they will flatten themselves as they bake.
  • Put in your pre-heated oven for 11-12 minutes and no longer. You want that soft center and crinkle crunch on the outside.
  • Leave on the tray for two minutes after baking before you remove as these are very soft cookies and floppy when taken out first.
  • You will go crazy waiting for these cookies to cool but wait….wait for it.
  • Transfer your cookies to a rack and leave cool for 15minutes before you dive head first into one.
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