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Sugarflair Airbrush Cleaner 60ml

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This high strength cleaner has been produced specifically to provide a food grade cleaning solution for your airbrush machine and can be used with any type of airbrush machine, not just the Spectrum Flow Airbrush.

When you are using your airbrush on a regular basis, paint particles can become lodged in your pen causing it to block and sometimes spit. By simply running Spectrum Flow airbrush solution through your airbrush switching between colours becomes effortless as this Airbrush Cleaner effectively removes all particles of paint.

The Spectrum Flow airbrush cleaner is especially good with the ethanol range of paints. With these paints drying out quickly, you may find that the powder can sometimes sit in the bottom of your pen when it is left for a period of time. The Spectrum Flow Airbrushing Cleaning Solution is perfect for clearing this powder and avoiding any blockages.

When using liquid shiny or a similar airbrush glaze, you will likely find that it will clog your airbrush pen with regular use as its consistency is often thicker than airbrush paint. Spectrum Flow airbrush cleaner will also remove any glaze that may be stuck in your pen either by running the cleaner through the pen as you would an airbrush paint or by soaking your pen in the cleaner.

At the end of your airbrushing session, Airbrush Cleaner will provide a thorough clean and ensure you will never encounter blockages from dried paint.

Spectrum Flow Airbrush Cleaner is 100% food safe.

Available in 100ml and 500ml.

May contain traces of sulphites, soy and nuts.