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Extension Corners - 12'' 100 pack

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Increase the height of the cake box to approx 12 inches with these extension corners.

A pack of 100 provides enough for 25 cake boxes.

Can be cut to other heights as required, the cards are already creased along the centre for easy folding.

Approx 12'' (304mm) long.

Boxed 100

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Florin Sandu

I am happy with the product !

Kathlyn Surat
Life saver

Very handy to have especially when you make tall cakes or more than one layered cakes. Worth the buy :)

Michelle Graham
Why did I wait so long to get these?!

I used to cut up boxes to make my own version of these, but having a pack I can pull from; pre-sized, pre-creased; is unbelievably handy. If you are regularly dealing with cakes taller than a cake box will hold, get these! (Depending on the height, you can sometimes get away with only using two, or if you're really lucky, just one, for a cake!)