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Evil Cake Genius Reuse-A-Mould 10oz

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Reuse-A-Mould is an amazing invention brought to you by Evil Cake Genius that allows you to create different moulds over and over again with the same silicone.

This cost effective silicone means you no longer have to buy individual bespoke moulds, you can simply make your own, then when you are finished with it, melt down the silicone and make another one.

Extremely simple to use, Reuse-A-Mould is fantastic for anyone looking to make moulds for a wide range of different cakes and cupcakes.

Reuse-A-Mould can be used with chocolate, modelling chocolate, sugarpaste, florist paste, gumpaste and modelling paste as well as water if you wish to make bespoke ice cubes.

Instructions for use:

1. Secure the thing you wish to cast a mould of to the bottom of a heat proof container with double sided tape and spray with cooking spray such as pan spray, olive oil, canola oil or vegetable oil.
2. Microwave the Reuse-A-Mould in short 30 second bursts until it is liquid.
3. Pour the Reuse-A-Mould over the thing you wish to make a mould of.
4. Allow the Reuse-A-Mould to cool back to room temperature.
5. Pop out the thing you have made a mould from and you are left with a mould that can be used for a variety of mediums.
6. When the time comes that you require a different mould, simply cut up the one you have and re melt it, following the above steps.

Reuse-A-Mould can be re melted and used again a minimum 35 times.

Full instructions are also available on the tub.

Troubleshooting and advice:

Before melting, the mould should be rinsed with cold water and then be heated immediately after in the microwave to evaporate the excess water.

Cutting the mould into pieces will speed up the heating time, but it is not required or necessary.

Once made, if using mould release, avoid using too much as it can sometimes cause defects in the mould.

Once made, if the mould is too warm and has not been allowed enough time to cool, it can occasionally break apart.  Cooling times depend on the surrounding temperature and the size of the mould, 10oz. will take approximately 30 minutes to cool in a typical freezer.


Not for use with melted candy and Isomalt.

Do not use in an oven.

Not dishwasher safe. Do not wash it hot water.

Customer Reviews

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Angela Murray
Great Product

This is a great product, simple to use and good results. The only blip was I had to remould the cast after a couple of uses as the detail had broken down slightly but that wasn't unexpected with multiple uses.