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15kg Belcolade Belgian Milk Chocolate 34%

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These large chocolate buttons taste delicious just as they are which means they can be used directly onto cupcakes, chocolate cakes or as treats in the middles of Easter eggs etc.They are easy to melt and perfect for pouring into moulds, creating delicious desserts, ganache, chocolates & biscuit cake.Ingredients:Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Whole Milk Powder. Emulsfier; Soy lecithin(E322), Natural Vanilla Flavour. Min Cocoa 34%

Customer Reviews

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Angela Geraghty

Arrived in perfect condition the day after it was ordered.
Great price

Beautiful chocolate, great price

I always use Belcolade chocolate. It has a beautiful flavour.
Bakewell as well priced, good quality and quick delivery

Tracey Nolan

Such a lovely chocolate, only thing is every time you bake with it you eat nearly as much 😋 I use it for chocolate ganache, sweets, cakepops , chocolate bombs. It great.

Kate McDonnell

Very efficient service

Simply the best

if your making biscuit cake or ganache, dont bother with individual bars or the smaller bags - the 15kg is the way to go for price per kilo.
you just will not use a better chocolate and believe me ive tried them all!!
the callebaut callets are nice as they are smaller and so mix quicker but price per kilo...the belcolade just works and is the nicest - these are sized more like giant buttons, hold well and taste divine

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