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Crunchie Honeycomb

Crunchie Honeycomb




100g Caster Sugar

85g Golden Syrup

1 ½ Teaspoon Bread soda


First get everything together and in place as this is a very quick recipe so you need your wits about you….

  • Weigh up your sugar
  • Weigh up your golden syrup
  • Measure out your bread soda
  • Get your whisk ready
  • Get your spatula ready
  • Prepare your tray, Line with a silicone sheet or non- stick parchment
  • Jump up and down and get excited as you’re ready to make some HONEYCOMB


Put the sugar and golden syrup into your pot and stir very gently over a low heat until the sugar has melted.

It will turn to a lovely golden honey goo, now turn the heat up a little and it will start to bubble around the edge of your saucepan and slowly change colour, now set your timer for three minutes or if you have a sugar thermometer it should be at soft ball stage at 112C.

The minute it hits the soft ball temperature turn off the heat.

Immediately sprinkle your bread soda on top and whisk … whisk again like you did last

Pour your delicious molten golden honeycomb directly onto your prepared tray

Now leave the honeycomb to set, it takes about 30minutes to harden.

Once set, give it a gentle smash and it will break into golden honey goodness.

Coat with chocolate and you have just made “Honeycomb”


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