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Cake Pops

Cake Pops




300g Cake crumb/trimmings


200g Milk Belgian chocolate

90-100ml cream

Melt 300g Chocolate (for dipping)


  • Make your ganache first, bring your cream to just boiling point and wait a minute before pouring over your chocolate chips.
  • Wait for a few seconds before stirring completely until you have a smooth satin chocolate soup!
  • Leave rest for a few minutes until cool.
  • Crumb your cake trimmings into breadcrumbs gently with your finger tips and slowly add about two tablespoons of ganache.
  • Use a fork rather than your hands start mixing in the ganache so the cake crumb is completely covered and resembles a sticky putty.
  • Using your hands take mini golf ball sizes and mould into shape using a gentle squeeze.
  • If your cake mixture is a little crumbly add a little more ganache.
  • Buttercream is not a great binding agent for cake pops as it begins to soften once taken out of the fridge so the cake pops can lose their stability and crack or break easily.
  • Ganache on the other hand sets hard and stabilises the cake pops once chilled so they can be dipped without fear of falling off their stick.
  • Once you have moulded your cake pops place them on a tray covered with either a silicone mat or a food freezer bag as this make life so much easier when removing them from the fridge , they just “pop” off!
  • Cake pops need to be chilled for at least 30minutes before attempting to dip as the ganache needs to set.
  • Once chilled dip your cake pop stick or a paper straw into the melted chocolate and insert directly into the middle of your cake pop to anchor the straw into place before you start dipping. Leave for a few seconds for the chocolate to set on the chilled cake pop, it won’t take long.
  • Once secured you can now completely dip the cake pop into the chocolate, I Like to use a small container as it raises the level of the chocolate and makes it easier to dip. Tilt the container at an angle so it makes life easier to swirl and cover the cake pop with chocolate.
  • Sprinkle with your magical sprinkles and your cake pop is born!
  • To help keep your cake pops altogether I use bamboo sticks stuck into a block of polystyrene , you can easily slide your straw down through the bamboo stick and this helps the straw from bending from the weight of your cake pop and stabilises the cake pop while it drys.
  • I buy eco friendly straws instead pf plastic cake pops as they are cheaper and you can also do your bit for the environment , win win!
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